Want to see a few common integrations? Tag managers, Analytics, Email

Google Analytics

Want to know how your Lytics Segment compares to your overall web audience in pageviews, time on site, ad impressions and more? Our simple integration with Google Analytics ads new dimensions that you can leverage for reporting within GA.


Want to make your Facebook campaigns more targeted at a lower cost? Leverage Lytics data science to target just the users that have a high likelihood of returning or buying your products, or simply exclude your customers so that you save money by not delivering advertisements to them.

Google Tag Manager

Lytics is the only CDP with an out of the box connector listed within Google Tag Manager's interface. You can quickly and easily get Lytics working with GTM. Once you have completed the integration, GTM will automatically pick up the Lytics segments for use, and Lytics will receive the GTM tags to attach to your user's profile. Easy, Realtime. We also easily integrate with other Tag managers like Tealium and Segment.

ESP / Sendgrid

Lytics can take in the email addresses within your Email Service Provider while also capturing events like email opens, bounce, spam report, unsubscribe, click through and more. Lytics is also a great 'brain' for your ESP, with the ability to tell your ESP when to send emails for a particular user - while also providing the specific recommendations that are included in the email, to make it a personalized experience.